V1.8.2 Customized Your Decor Set


Now you can save your personalized decor set at anytime.

  • ♡ Save personalized decor set. Click "Decorate"→"Decor Set"
  • ♡ Updated the Meteor Shower scenes. (Buy "Retro RV" item and click active-icon)
  • ♡ Updated the Camping scenes. (Buy "Camp-Tent" item and click active-icon)

V1.8 Update More Scenes


Now you can decorate the "Garden Scene" with your lover!

  • ♡ Add 60+ camping series items on adorable home.
  • ♡ Get more coins after unlocking the garden scene.

V1.6.9 Update VIP Privileges


Upgrade VIP to get rewards: 26000+ coins, 50+ furniture and exclusive outfits!
(Please update to the same app version as your lover)

  • ♡ Give you 50+ furniture and outfits.
  • ♡ Give you 26,000+ coins.
  • ♡ Enjoy 8 privileges.
  • ♡ More adorable pets to choose from.

V1.6 Keep Adorable Pets


The new version adds the pet co-parenting function, you can keep adorable pets with your lover!

  • ♡ Updated more fun "Pets" ways to play: feeding, exploring, and interacting.
  • ♡ Updated with more furniture and items in Love Home.
  • ♡ Modified to auto-backup data to iCloud every 1 day.

V1.5.10 Lovely Home


Update more functions in 「Love Home」, create an adorable home with your partner.

  • ♡ Calcute the number of days including the start date (+1 day).
  • ♡ Updated with more furniture and items.
  • ♡ Updated the Sleeping and Shower scenes.
  • ♡ Support gesture to zoom in or zoom out to preview it.